Success Stories

NORTHWEST COMPASS helps thousands of people in need every year in the northwest suburbs. Here are their stories.


Northwest Compass helps stabilize, empower, and house people in need. Before she reached out to NWC, Lisa was homeless. She was unable to find an apartment to live in and stayed in hotels instead. NWC helped put a roof over her head and offered an unconditional amount of support. Lisa comes to the food pantry every month to pick up a multitude of items, from canned food to baby formula. She now has a more stable life than ever. NWC helped her get back on her feet and continues to support her.


Northwest Compass offers an incredible amount of support for people in the Northwest suburbs. Emily said she received a tremendous amount of help and comfort at NWC. NWC helped her pay for her glasses, food, electricity bills, and cellphone. Before she reached out to NWC for help, she had no income, was behind in rent, and was a month away from becoming homeless. She had no electricity, no clothes, and a two year mortgage gone unpaid. Emily had nowhere to turn and was slowly losing hope. Now she has been coming to NWC for various supportive services for almost four years and has received nothing short of an overwhelming amount of help.


Felix has limited income and struggles to pay his bills. With the help of NWC, he is able to manage his money better and stabilize his life. NWC has a food pantry every month for people in the Northwest suburbs that come in to supplement their budget. Felix comes in every month to receive his box of food. He says it greatly reduces his stress due to the expensive price of groceries.





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